The sequencing of the first human genome in 2003 took 10 years and cost US$3 billion; the same task today takes just three days and costs just over $1,000. As these astonishing technological advances are used for the development of better methods for the diagnosis, treatment, and ultimately prevention of disease, researchers are constantly looking for ways to improve and accelerate results. When looking for the right storage to support this important work, researchers and IT professionals are not only looking for exceptional performance and reliability, but also want ease-of-use combined with negligible maintenance and administration time.

Presenter: Geoffrey Noer, VP of Product Management

In this webinar you will learn how:

  • Performance bottlenecks vanish and researcher productivity increases with the right storage deployment
  • A streamlined workflow saves time and bandwidth for faster delivery of results to researchers
  • Increased capacity can be achieved without adding complexity or IT staff
  • Panasas ActiveStor scale-out NAS storage anchored a customer’s infrastructure upgrade that increased genome sequencing capacity by 50 times

On Demand Webinar: Accelerating Next-Generation Sequencing with Hybrid Scale-out NAS

Storage that scales as big as your ideas!”
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