DirectFlow For Mac Is Fastest In Hollywood - On-demand Webinar

Learn why Panasas ActiveStor with DirectFlow for Mac became a big hit at NAB 2017, as the ideal parallel-access storage platform so amazing that a veteran professional editor recently called it “Fastest in Hollywood”.

You’ll hear from Panasas customer Allen Dial of Emmy-award-winning production house Ugly Brother. Allen will share the recent experience of freelance editors when they tried out new DirectFlow for Mac technology for the first time, and how it dramatically enhanced their creative experience when working with Panasas ActiveStor.

Accompanying Allen is David Sallak, VP and CTO for M&E at Panasas. David will share a conversation with Allen about what makes DirectFlow for Mac on ActiveStor a winning combination for creative editorial teams that want to make the best work possible. David will explain how DirectFlow for Mac breaks new ground in supporting more bandwidth and a greater variety of media types for modern workflows, and why Panasas ActiveStor with DirectFlow provides a powerful new production experience for medium and large creative teams.

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Ismail Haridi

Market Development Representative

Panasas, Inc.


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