Accelerating Hadoop® with Panasas Scale-out NAS
Integrating Hadoop in Heterogeneous Environments

This is a technical discussion on implementing Hadoop® on Panasas® ActiveStor™ high performance,scale-out NAS.

Hadoop is an essential software platform for big data analytics. The unique, modular parallel architecture of Panasas ActiveStor makes it ideally suited for Hadoop. The Panasas solution provides significant flexibility and cost saving, allowing IT administrators to run Hadoop workloads on their existing compute clusters and storage resources.

Listen as Panasas Chief Technical Officer, Dr. Brent Welch, and Panasas Chief Marketing Officer, Barbara Murphy, discuss:

  • The benefits of using Hadoop with Panasas ActiveStor scale-out NAS
  • Ease of implementation
  • The performance benefits of using NAS for Hadoop analytics vs. local disk
  • Why Panasas is an ideal platform for Hadoop


For immediate information on the benefits of running Hadoop with Panasas ActiveStor, download the white paper, "Accelerating and Simplifying Apache™ Hadoop® with Panasas® ActiveStor™."

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